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Evergreen Essentials

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Whether you’re a beginner who wants to get your business started on the right foot, or a seasoned veteran who wants the distilled digest version of every major profit-growing tactic right at your fingertips, Everyday Essentials is for you! 

Introducing Evergreen Essentials: A 26-Lesson Guide That Reveals the Smartest Online Marketing Strategies for Growing Your Business This Year!

This is literally an A-to-Z marketing guide that covers 26 of the tips, tricks and strategies every online marketer ought to know!

They are the “essentials” … every online business owner needs to be employing these strategies. And they are also “evergreen”, meaning they are long-lasting tactics … not some “here today, gone tomorrow” tricks.

Here’s the deal…

These are the “tried and true” strategies for everything from building your brand to profitable email marketing to product creation that smart business owners around the world turn to -- so you know this stuff works.

Yep, it’s jam-packed with great info. Each of the 26 lessons in Everyday Essentials is about 1500 words long (I’ll even let you sample one below) and contains only the “greatest hits” information you need with no wasted words. 

Check these out...

What you’re getting are 26 lessons that cover the most important online marketing topics you need to succeed. Here’s a breakdown of the lessons:

  • A is for Amount, which shows you how to raise the average dollar amount per transaction with your customers!
  • B is for Branding, where you’ll discover the three quick steps to developing and building a profitable brand!
  • C is for Content, and you’ll find out how to use content to boost your traffic, build relationships, and bolster conversions!
  • D is for Design, because presentation is just as important as information – and that’s why you’ll want to check out these three keys for making a great first impression!
  • E is for Email, where you’ll discover how to Capture, Captivate and Convert subscribers to create a profitable list!
  • F is for Freelancer, where you’ll discover how to boost your profits by outsourcing common business tasks!
  • G is for Growth, and you’ll discover how to boost your profits using consistent steps for getting more traffic, growing your list and generating more sales!
  • H is for Habits, where you’ll find out the three-step “Plan-Prepare-Produce” system for getting more done in less time!
  • I is for Ideas, where you’ll find out how to generate, validate and implement profitable business ideas!
  • J is for Jump Start, which is all about jump starting your sales with coupons, contests, and case studies!
  • K is for Keys, where you’ll find out how Platform, Position and Perception will help you build a loyal tribe!
  • L is for Lead Magnet, where you’ll get a simple 3-step process for creating highly profitable lead magnets!
  • M is for Monetization, because there’s no point in building platforms if you’re not monetizing them. This cheat sheet shows you how!
  • N is for Naming Products, because your title can make or break a product’s success. And this cheat sheet gives you the three keys to creating effective names!
  • O is for Offer, where you’ll discover how to create a perfect, profitable offer!
  • P is for Product Creation, where you’ll get the three steps for creating high-quality, profitable products that your customers will love!
  • Q is for Quality, which is why this cheat sheet shows you how to proof, polish and package your way to a good reputation for creating high-quality content and offers!
  • R is for Research, because the first step to creating a new product is to make sure it’s something your audience really wants. This cheat sheet shows you how to do it!
  • S is for Social Media, where you’ll find out a three-step method for creating a more effective social media strategy!
  • T is for Targeting, because trying to appeal to everyone is a recipe for disaster. This cheat sheet shows you how to put the right offer in front of the right audience!
  • U is for USP, and this cheat sheet reveals the three questions you need to ask in order to create a USP that tells your prospects why they should do business with you!
  • V is for Video, and inside this cheat sheet you’ll find out the three keys (Function, Format, and Forward) for developing highly effective videos!
  • W is for Word-of-Mouth Advertising, and here you’ll discover the secrets of generating warm, responsive leads with viral marketing!
  • X is for X-Ray, which is all about getting inside your prospect’s head so you can create content and offers that really speak to them!
  • Y is for You, and here you’ll discover the What, Where and When of telling your story to build credibility, grow relationships and generate sales!
  • Z is for Zero, which will show you how to start from zero and build a new stream of income!

As you can see, there is a whole lot of profitable information revealed inside these 26 lessons. But maybe you’d like to “try it before you buy it”...

Want An Example? Here You Go…

Now, you’re looking at these lessons with their brief descriptions and are wondering if they’re high quality. They are … but you don’t need to take my word for it.

As you can see from this excerpt, these 26 lessons are MEATY and full of useful details that you can begin putting to use immediately, and refer to over and over again. So, the only question is: How much is Everyday Essentials? You’re going to like this... 

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